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Historic sites in the archipelago

Duration: 4 hours
Fitness Level: Moderate

You will explore historic sites in the archipelago of Aswan while sailing on a private felucca and resting on long mattresses in a thousand-and-one-night setting.

You will firstly visit the Tombs of the Nobles, a site filled with tombs of nobles dating from the Old Kingdom till the Roman Reign period. Many tombs are decorated on the inside with bright colors depicting motives from everyday life, hieroglyphic biographies and journeys.

Then you will continue sailing until the Monastery of St Simeon, one of the largest and best preserved Coptic monasteries in all Egypt. The monastery is located on a hill on the west bank and was once inhabited by thousands of residents. you will ride a camel from the Nile bank uphill to the monastery and then back to the felucca.

A qualified Egyptologist, entrance fees and camel ride.

Price is per person and depends on the number of persons in your group and the date of visit.

Start Date End Date 2 3 4 5-6 7-13
01-feb-2017 20-dec-2017 111 US$ 93 US$ 91 US$ 88 US$ 78 US$