The Glory of Nubia is a unique and exclusive felucca in Aswan. It is designed with attention to tradition and style to satisfy the needs of those seeking nothing but the best.

A journey on the Glory of Nubia is an exotic adventure. You explore historic sites in the archipelago, learn about the Nubian culture, meet peasants and their families, enjoy Nubian meals prepared in front of you by the crew, or sing and dance around campfires. If you are seeking utmost relaxation, you have enough time to lie back on your mattress, watch life on the banks pass you by, read a book or just listen to the sound of birds and wind.

The Glory of Nubia cares for the environment. It is the first felucca on the Nile to be equipped with an environmentally friendly toilet, mounted on shore when the felucca is moored; and the latest technology in solar energy system. Electricity is generated with no fumes, no noise, and no pollution.

There is no better way to become acquainted with the wonders of the Nile River than by sailing on board the unique Glory of Nubia.

The Glory of Nubia offers day and overnight tours.

Welcome aboard!

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